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Najam Kidwai

CEO, C1 Fund

Dr. Najamul Kidwai is the Co-Founder of C1, a $500M Regulated Secondaries Fund and has also served as a Co-Founder, Chairman and a Director of Nasdaq Listed Crypto 1 Acquisition Corp, a $230M special purpose acquisition company focused on digital assets/crypto/blockchain.

Since 2016 to present, Dr. Kidwai has served as a Venture Partner and Investment Committee Member of Frontier Ventures, a venture capital fund focused on early-stage technology and blockchain. Since 2017, Dr. Kidwai also has been a Co-Founder and Board member of EQUIAM, a leading, private-markets-focused venture capital fund. Through EQUIAM, Dr. Kidwai has invested in several technology companies including Coinbase, Chime, Calm, Flexport, Doordash, Stripe, Slack, Uber and many others. Dr. Kidwai has also been investing in digital assets/crypto/blockchain since 2016, including companies such as TransFi, GarageXYZ, Fusion.Org and Chainge Finance. From 2009 to present, Dr. Kidwai has served as an independent advisor, board member, and/or investor in a number of technology companies that include ForgeGlobal and 23&Me both that recently IPO’d.

About C1

C1 is a $500M Secondaries Fund with a focus on companies in the Digital Assets space investing globally with a presence in Silicon Valley and UAE. Our mission is to capitalize on the opportunities in the secondary market that have opened up in the current market environment to provide investors with significant capital appreciation on an attractive risk-adjusted portfolio of digital asset companies.

Najam Kidwai
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