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Our Focus

Assisting technology innovation start-ups with business development and fundraising readiness services. Targeting Series A and later stage companies raising capital from professional investors.


Working with venture capital and private equity firms, professionally structured family offices and corporate venture capital teams.

Continuously screening equity, secondaries and debt opportunities in Europe, United Kingdom, and Middle East.

Developing ongoing collaborations with world-class professional service providers to support our clients throughout the entire lifecycle of their growth.

Leveraging a strong international network of corporations, investors and, government organisations to tap into new opportunities driven by innovation.

Deal Financing

Sourcing equity and debt financing for qualifying deals.
Geographical focus: UK, Europe and Middle East.

Targeting pre-series A to pre-IPO stage companies.



Working with growing technology companies and venture capital firms to access secondary market opportunities. Collaborating with global experts in secondary market offerings.


GP-LP Services

Scouting for regional deals - top companies and VC funds.

Screening alternative investment fund managers for qualifying introductions to Limited Partners ("LPs").

Packaging and delivering regional GP-LP delegations.


First-time Fund Manager Support

Assisting first-time alternative investment fund managers with top tier fund service providers shortlisting: fund structuring, regulatory solutions outsourcing, fund administration, fiduciary, and other services.

Developing deal sourcing and network mapping solutions.


Marketing Services

Professional fundraising strategy formulation.

Marketing documentation design for investors ("GPs").

Creating a brand presence and recognition in the region.

PR plan development for VCs and later stage companies.

Hosting investment conferences and networking events.

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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Target Venture 
Application Criteria

Sector preference: FinTech, PropTech, Healthcare, SaaS, Climate, Marketplaces, Defence & Security (DAS), Deep Tech

Stage: pre-Series A to pre-IPO

Traction: minimum MRR $50k or annual equivalent 

Geography: Europe, United Kingdom, Middle East

Go-to-mark: solid plan for a sustainable revenue growth

Exit: clearly defined milestones (M&A, trade sale, IPO, etc.)

Runway: minimum cash in bank requirement 6 months

Team: experienced team, advisory board with past exists 

Our Network

Connected to over 100

investment funds and deal partners

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Our Partners

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Team Experience

Former assignments and collaborations conducted by our team.

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