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Karina G. Shevchenko

Founder & Managing Director, Nord Sloane Ventures

Karina G. Shevchenko Moderator, CEO & Founder at Nord Sloane

Karina is a fundraising professional with a demonstrated track record in financial services and technology innovation. As the founder of Nord Sloane Ventures, she specialises in delivering fundraising and business development expertise to growing technology businesses and investors. 

Karina has extensive experience in diversified sectors from telecommunications, defence and security to asset management and investment funds regulation. Having worked with professional investors, government representatives as well as experienced entrepreneurs from all over the world, she has gained well-rounded knowledge of best business practices. 

As a result of past experiences, Karina has become a highly ambitious businesswoman. The inspiration to create enterprising mind alliances supporting sustainable ideas is derived from the passion for what she does.

Karina G. Shevchenko
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