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Dan Sandhu

NED, Foresight Group

Dan Sandhu, NED at Foresight VCT Plc

 Dan is a Founder, Executive, Investor in SaaS, Education Technology, Services, Digital, and Media. Dan has an extensive career leading and guiding numerous teams, both in the UK and internationally. And after over five years as Chief Executive of one of the UK’s Leading Ed Tech’s, Sparx Learning, he has recently stepped down. Over his tenure Sparx Learning grew from serving 2 to over 2,200 schools, supporting 2 million students, covering 60% of all secondary schools in England and with a footprint in 24 countries.

 Dan sits on the Board of BESA (British Educational Suppliers Association) , was the founding director of the Ed Tech Evidence Group and is on the Leadership council at the Centre for Universal Education at The Brookings Institution in Washington.

 Dan has worked in commercial, executive, investment and non-executive capacities in the US, India, Philippines, Romania, Canada, Hong Kong, Poland, France, Germany, Australia and China. Dan is a regular author in education and technology publications and is on the Judging panel of the Education Investor awards 2023

Dan sits on the board of Foresight VCT plc, a £200m UK based fund, as a Non-Executive Director.


About Foresight VCT Plc

Foresight VCT Plc invests in fast-growing companies in the UK across a range of sectors, with a primary listing on the London Stock Exchange. Working with the Foresight Group we support companies that are striving to create high-quality, sustainable jobs and economic growth. £197m of Net Asset Value (June 2022).

Dan Sandhu
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