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Venture Partner - Dubai

United Arab Emirates

Job Type

Remote, Commission based

About the Role

Build Nord Sloane Start-up Community in your region.
Work with your existing network of investors and partners.
Scout for regional deals - top technology companies and VC funds.
Source top technology start-up/investor regional events.
Create a strong brand presence and recognition in the region.
Host Nord Sloane Ventures local events in the region.

Please send your CV or a LinkedIn profile page with a short pitch explaining why you would like to work together.

Our team will aim to respond within a week.



  • Strong existing network in the startup ecosystem.

  • Experience in working with technology companies.

  • Super networker and connector.

  • Passionate about technology and innovation.

  • Excellent presentation and communication skills.

  • Strong database management skills are necessary.

  • Positive attitude, no task too big or too small.

  • Excellent English and Arabic speaking and writing skills are required.

About the Company

Nord Sloane works with talented entrepreneurs building transformative technologies across various industries.

Nord Sloane Ventures is a technology innovation focussed consultancy firm, working with scalable opportunities backed by credible entrepreneurs from Europe and beyond.

Our strength lies in the ability to shape companies and develop targeted business strategies. We take pride in our work and industry relationships, allowing our clients to leverage the network for growth.

​Nord Sloane Ventures strives to become a leading technology innovation industry contributor, assisting the next generation of future entrepreneurs.

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