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Community Manager

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London, UK

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role


  • Manage First Round Network. You’ll help find answers to questions, post and curate content that is relevant to our community, and set up Pitching sessions with experts in our community. You'll provide administrative support to ensure that Network is a high-quality resource including updating our user database and cleaning up content shared. You’ll update and add new resources to our Resource Library to best support our companies.

  • Create email marketing content. You’ll write the weekly community newsletter to update our members about upcoming events and news. You’ll create and send new user onboarding and product feature update emails.

  • Create experiments to drive user engagement. You’ll analyze Nord Sloane Network user engagement patterns, create and analyze surveys to improve our programs and facilitate meaningful connections with thousands of community members.

  • Plan events. You’ll plan virtual and in-person events from start to finish. The events will take many different forms: large speaker events, small training sessions, interactive group discussions, and more.

About the Company

Nord Sloane Ventures is a technology innovation focussed consultancy firm, working with scalable opportunities backed by credible entrepreneurs from Europe and beyond.

Our strength lies in the ability to shape companies and develop targeted business strategies. We take pride in our work and industry relationships, allowing our clients to leverage the network for growth.

Nord Sloane Ventures strives to become a leading technology innovation industry contributor, assisting the next generation of future entrepreneurs.

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