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Secondaries Landscape in Venture Capital: Tackling Information Accessibility Challenges
Secondaries Landscape in Venture Capital: Tackling Information Accessibility Challenges

Date and time is TBD


Central London Location is TBD

Secondaries Landscape in Venture Capital: Tackling Information Accessibility Challenges

Time & Location

Date and time is TBD

Central London Location is TBD

About the Event

The forthcoming discussion will encompass a range of advanced topics within the secondary market realm. We will explore the sophisticated strategies employed by institutional investors and fund managers, encompassing structured transactions and methods for optimising portfolios. Moreover, we shall scrutinise the intricate regulatory landscape and compliance challenges confronting market participants, including jurisdictional disparities and tax implications. Seasoned institutional investors will share their insights into advanced liquidity management strategies. Furthermore, we will analyse real-world case studies to illustrate complex secondary transactions and the intricate dynamics of negotiation and valuation. Lastly, we will discuss future trends in advanced data intelligence, considering the integration of alternative data sources and technological advancements.

Proposed discussion topics:

Advanced Secondary Strategies: Explore sophisticated strategies employed by institutional investors and fund managers in navigating the secondary market, including structured transactions, fund restructurings, and portfolio optimisation techniques.

Regulatory Arbitrage and Compliance Challenges: Examine nuanced regulatory considerations and complex compliance issues facing market participants engaged in secondary transactions, including jurisdictional differences, tax implications, and regulatory arbitrage strategies.

Institutional Investor Perspectives on Liquidity Management: Gain insights from seasoned institutional investors on advanced liquidity management strategies, including the role of secondaries in optimising portfolio allocations, managing risk exposures, and enhancing overall fund performance.

Case Studies in Complex Secondary Transactions: Analyse real-world case studies of complex secondary transactions, such as cross-border deals, multi-party transactions, and distressed asset sales, and explore the intricate negotiation dynamics, valuation methodologies, and deal structuring considerations involved.

Future Trends in Advanced Data Intelligence: Anticipate future trends in advanced data intelligence and analytics capabilities that are poised to transform the secondary market landscape, including the integration of alternative data sources, real-time analytics platforms, and cognitive computing technologies.

Event partners:


Khepri provides compliance consulting, regulatory hosting, fund management and fund administration services to over 100 clients across various asset classes. Established in 2023 through a management buyout, Khepri has a strong focus on venture capital markets and emerging fund managers. Visit website:


Daedalus is a boutique consultancy with deep expertise in developing and deploying AI, ML, data, software, product design and rapid revenue generation as well as technical due diligence services. Visit website:

Notes to attendees:

This guestlist is limited to 35 guests. Please reserve your ticket at the earliest convenience.

Our team may get in touch with you to verify registration details.

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