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Brian Patrick Luining

Venture Partner

Brian is a modern renaissance man, with great interest in history, philosophy, geopolitics, macro economics, and technology.

He has an extensive background in strategy, digital transformation, growth management, security, technology, (impact) investment, and leading large change and digital transformation programs (global to local / local to local).

Brian has the privilege to be a well respected trusted advisor to a number of board members, c-suite members, and families.

Besides working in executive management functions, he is a predominantly early-stage investor and growth investment consultant. He has been involved in over a dozen fast-growing companies. Currently invested in AG Tech, Fintech (DeFi), Blockchain, AI, Cybersecurity, and Maritime.

Brian is an experienced growth expert and a connector of people and businesses. Brian is a real polymath and a sought-after keynote speaker on the topics of security, international affairs, inclusion, and the economy of peace.

He is passionate about GoodTech and KindExcellence. Creating value for the benefit of those less favored in life and protecting those who cannot adequately defend themselves.

- the standard track record info: >$12bn M&A / >$2bn corp risk management | >$500M IT / Cybersecurity budget | > 300 Projects US and EMEA | >350% 📈 ARR

Brian Patrick Luining
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