What We Do

Nord Sloane Ventures is a technology deal-flow origination and capital introduction boutique, focusing on scalable opportunities backed by credible entrepreneurs from Europe and beyond. Our strength lies in the ability to develop strong relationships with professional investors and deliver operational excellence on every step of the way.

Who We Are

The company is managed by experienced and driven venture capital industry professionals with a strong track-record in deal brokerage. Our management has raised millions of Euros for multiple technology ventures to assist the companies with exponential growth.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bridge the gap between high potential opportunities and strategic investors in growing markets. 






Our core business is a fundraising service, helping scalable technology ventures raise from Seed to Series B investment rounds.


Every opportunity is individually analysed based on our assessment metrics and reviewed by our industry specialist committee. Apply here.


Artificial Intelligence & ML

Blockchain Technology

Clean Technology

Cybersecurity & Robotics

Education Technology

Financial Technology

Healthcare & Wellness

Internet of Things

Marketplaces & e-Commerce

Property Technology



At the core of every successful business is a well-crafted plan and consistent execution. Our clients know it and value the input we have provided in the following matters: 

Business strategy

Commercial strategy 

Fundraising strategy 

Market intelligence report


We have developed a unique approach to finding specific investment mandates. Our solution offers the investors to reduce the time and increase outsourced resources to identify and filter complex projects. 


You can leave a message and our team will contact you to discuss this in a greater detail based on your needs.


Commercial distribution solution is suitable for companies with small sales team capacity. It has been designed for companies with a strong product proposition who are aiming to increase sales by securing new client contracts.


Our strong industry connections enable the clients to leverage our network and hedge sales strategy inefficiencies.



Deal Origination

Nord Sloane Ventures is uniquely positioned at the heart of the most innovative cities - London and Tallinn. Throughout the year, we scout the markets for new opportunities across vast geographies, reaching from the borders of Europe to the shores of the Middle East. 

Hundreds of deals are assessed by an internal team of experts and external industry advisors to select the ideas with the highest success probability.

At the core of our decision making are the three main parameters: product viability, scalability and deliverability.

Operational Excellence

A wealth of experience in business negotiations and processes management position Nord Sloane among the leading companies in the industry to get the deals closed.

Our principles in deal management are based on the core values: precision, consistency, delivery.

We are driven by operational excellence and dedicated relationship management. 

Investor Relations

Years of experience in pro-active business development for financial services companies and more traditional businesses have yielded an extensive network of active investors across a multitude of sectors.


The approach to relationship management helped our team develop an in-depth understanding of our client needs and investment requirements. 

Our clients trust us with deal origination. We deliver.




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