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Joe Philip

Co-Founder, Embedded Employees

Joe Philip Co-Founder at Embedded Employees

Serial Entrepreneur, I registered my first business selling student artwork at 18. Caught the Tech Bug working in the Founding European team for, a Canadian Prop Tech with 80+Million funded from Silicon Valley. I then raised for my own Esports product, and began to raise pre-seed for other Founders. This was when my ambition and passion aligned, I created a venture studio (Orchid Ventures) and co-working space (Clerkenworks) focused on supporting early stage Founders. All of these experiences and learnings inspired me to launch Embedded A solution to the challenges facing Founders when building their own early stage teams.


About Embedded Employees

EmbeddedEmployees is a distributed team supporting scale-ups and early-stage businesses between London and Cape Town.

Joe Philip
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