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12-Slide Pitch Deck

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

What is a pitch deck? It is a a concise business summary designed for investors.

Our recommendation is to have two variants of pitch deck: long and short. Short version should not exceed 13 slides and it is normally sent as a teaser document. Shorter versions sometimes exclude competitive landscape and financial projections slides. The rule of thumb that we would advise is the following: teaser document should include enough information to spark interest no later than slide 3. If you cannot summarise your proposition well in a short presentation, it will most likely confuse investors in the longer version. As investors do not like wasting time, you better get that short version edgy and memorable.

Here is a pitch deck structure – one of many possible solutions

(1) Problem/opportunity (2) Solution/IP (3) Market size/fit/research (4) Competition/Uniqueness (USP) (5) Penetration/marketing and sales (6) Traction/roadmap (7) Team/relevant expertise (8) Board/support system (9) Financials (10) Investment (11) Exit strategy (12) Contact information

Do you need help with navigating through the noise of overwhelming amount of information? We can help you save time and avoid making costly mistakes. Sometimes all you need is a 30-minute consultation with a professional to get you on the right track. Our start-up friendly approach is design to improve industry-wide fundraising standards among early stage start-ups.

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