Student Sponsorship - Startup Guide

About this sponsorship

Educational and training content for the aspiring technology entrepreneurs from across the world.

We are looking for sponsors to facilitate free courses for the less affluent entrepreneurs by involving sponsors from all walks of life.

Our goal is to create a programme aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals framework.

We have designed a fundraising course for entrepreneurs.

The course includes interactive webinars, materials and tasks.

Students from less privileged backgrounds will be accepted to join the course.

Our goal is to create equal opportunities for those who are striving to get ahead.

Sponsors will receive a course fulfilment receipt upon completion of the 4-week course by the student. 

During the course Nord Sloane will work with the sponsors to create  the report reflecting SDG goals.

Student Benefits

Fundraising principles

Sources of funding

Pitch deck workshop

Pitching techniques

Due diligence expectations

Terms negotiations

Post-investment stage

Practical templates

Useful resources

Technical webinars

Sponsor Benefits

Support 1 or more Students.

Social media exposure (optional).

Contribute towards fundraising standards improvement.

Students come from global universities, schools, incubators, etc.

Create an opportunity, change someone's life.